East Meadow High School students

Fourteen East Meadow High School faculty members were honored for their impact on students and the school community during the school’s Breakfast of Champions ceremony on Dec. 15.  

Earlier this year, the high school’s administrators asked students to nominate a faculty member that had a significant impact on them. The students that wrote these essay nominations were from all grades with very diverse backgrounds. Through the speeches that were made during the ceremony, it was apparent that these faculty members had a profound impact on these students. Family members of both the students and faculty members were invited to this special event. The ceremony served as a testament to the educators filled with a lot of emotion. The high school was proud to celebrate the faculty members that were honored at the ceremony and for being a part of the East Meadow High School community. 

The district commends the following faculty members on becoming East Meadow Champions:  

Ms. Pellman 

Mrs. Mattia 

Mrs. Gallagher 

Mrs. Lutz 

Mr. Schreier 

Mrs. Sullivan 

Mrs. Low 

Ms. Gier 

Mrs. Fitzpatrick 

Mr. O’Connor 

Mrs. Fazio 

Dr. Emmett 

Mrs. Polan 

Ms. Woisin