Musical Fun for All Ages in East Meadow’s Summer Music Program


The East Meadow Summer Music Program, held at Woodland Middle School this year, had a wonderful five weeks of rehearsals, concerts and fun. Throughout the course of five weeks, students engaged in challenging lessons, new repertoire for their instrument, and formed lasting friendships while making music.

More than 350 students in grades four through 12 from across the district participated in band, chorus and orchestra programs, as well as electives such as jazz, chamber orchestra and musical theater. The music program was very excited to introduce the new Second Chance Instrumental Program and Choral program for the first time this year. This program allowed students who have never participated in the East Meadow music program to learn a new instrument or sing, and thus be able to participate in the district’s music program this coming fall.

“The teachers really made the program fun for us,” said seventh grader Jeremy Stasaitis-Davis. “It helps the younger students gain an interest in learning new instruments and music.”

Leila Miche, another seventh grader who participated in the district’s Summer Music Program, said that this program was a memorable experience. “I really like that I got to take this time to practice and learn new things about my instruments during the summer,” Leila said.

“I enjoyed the teachers, because they’re all really nice,” said fifth grader Olivia Labruna. “The songs that we learned are really fun to play, but I can’t wait to learn more difficult songs when I go back to school this year.”

The program concluded with outstanding concerts, and the East Meadow School District commends all of the students and teachers involved for their hard work this summer. The district looks forward to students bringing the skills they learned to their music classrooms this fall.